Talent Yogi is the blog created by Priestman Associates, providing enlightenment to help make people work. We write about the world of work and the things that we talk to our clients about.

We try to give you three simple things:

  1. Ideas and new perspectives on issues affecting the workplace. There’s a lot of people talking out there, so we try and give you a fresh or different angle on what’s going on
  2. Practical tips. We don’t deal in abstract concepts or vague suggestions. Wherever we can, we want to provide you with some useful advice you can actually do something with
  3. News from elsewhere. We don’t know everything about people and work. So rather than pretend we do, we also bring you news from around the world – along with our take on why it matters

We probably won’t always get it right, and you certainly won’t get all of the above from every post, but that’s our aim.

If you want to talk to us more about anything on the blog then get in touch. We work with clients around the world on all these issues and we’d love to talk and discuss ideas. 

And if you’re particularly proud of something you’ve done, or want to share some insights then drop us a line too. We’re passionate about learning new things, and always keen to connect with like-minded people.